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Freddie Sperone


Freddie Sperone, rapper palermitano. Cresciuto in un quartiere popolare proprio chiamato "Sperone", zona posta nell'aria sud-orientale della città di Palermo. Ad oggi vanta all'attivo un paio di album tra i quali spiccano: "Diamante Grezzo vol. 1" (MIXTAPE 2015), "Diamante Grezzo vol. 2 Viola Edition" (MIXTAPE - 2015/2016), "Diamante Grezzo vol. 3 - Atto 1 (EP - 2016), "I Denti d'Oro del Campione" (STREET ALBUM - 2016), "90123" (STREET ALBUM 2017), "DIAMANTE GREZZO vol. 4" (MIXTAPE 2018), "BOSS PALERMO TOWN" (OFFICIAL ALBUM 2018-2019), TRUST NO ONE w/ Original Cornarura Empire (STREET ALBUM 2019), "PALERMO MIAMI - DIAMANTE GREZZO vol. 5" (STREET ALBUM 2019 - 2020).


Membro del collettivo Corsari12Famigghia, è anche fondatore & CEO dell'etichetta indipendente e crew underground "ORIGINAL CORNARURA EMPIRE RECORDZ".


° Freddie Sperone is a Sicilian rapper from Palermo, raised in a popular neighborhood called "Sperone", an area in the south-eastern air of the city. Among the most popular of the Italian underground rap, it boasts many albums and video clips, and thanks to this it has managed to make itself known with its own strength in many parts of Italy, Europe and the United States of America, receiving support from many important portals that they talk about Rap / Hip Hop in Italy. Furthermore he recognizes himself as being the first to do rap in Sicilian dialect and Palermo dialect on instrumental traps and having brought into vogue and fashion, given the support received and the real visualizations obtained, just the same Sicilian dialect in the local rap scene . Member of the Corsari12Famigghia crew, he is also founder & CEO of the crew and independent underground label "ORIGINAL CORNARURA EMPIRE RECORDZ".



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