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The Snowbird were born from the meeting of two childhood friends: Giovanni Tore, guitarist, and Mr. Thrash, vocals. They started as members of the thrash metal band “Terra Di Nessuno” in the Cagliari area and, in 2007, their first mini-cd “My Moto” received good reviews and success from musical magazines all over Italy. Due to disagreement in artistic ideas and production, Mr.Thrash left the project to sing in different bands, following on from this G. Tore also left the band to work with the “Killing Machine” as session guitarist. After his experience with the “Killing Machine”, G.Tore began his own project: the “High Rollers”. Mr.Thrash was immediately called back as lead vocals and gladly accepted. The newly created band had multiple lineups until the name of the project got changed to “Pincushion”. In the meantime G.Tore became a stable member of the “Alcoholic Alliance Disciples”, another nationwide famous band, with which he was able to record an album and also opened some concerts as a support act to worldwide famous artists. Due to the defection of their drummer and bass player, “Pincushion” struggled to find a steady lineup and eventually, after having produced some unedited material and played live a couple of times, they split when Mr. Thrash left Italy for Ireland. In Dublin Mr. Thrash played with Epta7 and recorded a demo titled “Eptasystem”. In 2015 Mr. Thrash received a call from his childhood friend G.Tore, who wished to resurrect their original project and create another record. Again, the project’s line-up is unstable, but Mr.Thrash contributes to the production and 2 session players are hired to cover the bass guitar and the drums. Finally “Snowbird” are born along with their first album: “Super Human”.


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