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Neuromant is a band post rock/electronic rock: Diego Narcisi, Davide Narcisi and Riccardo Pinchi.
Born in 2015, they record their first album "Cyberbirds" in studio in 2016, it will be published in cooperation with the label 
Libellula Music from Turin.
The album, which includes the two singles "Trees or Teeth" and "Lullabye", only obtain good success in underground 
panoramas, in fact Cyberbirds it is inserted, by the magazine "Radio Libera Tutti", in the ranking of the best ten
albums published in Italy in 2016.
The band, which in the first period was composed by four elements, plays concerts throughout the country touching the
biggest cities Roma, Milano, Torino, the also get to Germany. During the season they partecipate also to various contests
always gaining great results: they win the "Rock al Centro" in Rome, they get the second place at the international
contest Emergenza Festival and the third position at the Urban Blackout contest in tuscany.
In 2018 they sign a contract with the international label Sliptrick Records and in the summer of the same year they start
the recordings of their second, new album "Artifichild".


via po, 16 CAP 06034 foligno (perugia)