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Giuseppe Bosso



My name is Giuseppe Bosso, and though I am a researcher, I play and make music since I was 13 and I have always been fascinated about how music instruments are capable of translating some of states of my mind.

People keep telling me that such melodies are able to evoke them thoughts, memories and even feelings.

Obviously, those songs have different effects on different people, and what I am trying to do is studying how different melodies can evoke a specific feeling/thought/memory.

As a scientist, what I would love to do is an experiment with you!

Imagine yourself on a Sunday afternoon laid on your bed with your eyes closed. Well, turn my music on and try to focus your attention completely on how the several music instruments talk to each other and give rise to a melody. Let the melody flow inside your ears until it reaches your mind.

Put your headphones on and let me know your opinion!

Enjoy! :)



Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 296 Bugnara (L'Aquila)


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