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Daymler + TheseDays ● LIVE @ Studio35


▲ Studio35 ▲ presenta:
Daymler + TheseDays ● LIVE @ Studio35
+ ● DJSet from 1.00 by "SIMYSA" from "Interferenze After" (house / tech-house) ●

Via di Monte Testaccio 35
-●- Ingresso libero -●-
16/5/2015 Ore ● 22:00

→ I #Daymler suonano il brITALIANpop. Gruppo romano attivo dal 2011 dopo vari cambi di line up arriva alla formazione odierna nel settembre 2014. da sempre ispirati alla musica britannica i Daymler propongono il britalian pop,suoni d'oltre manica e liriche in italiano che danno vita a un mix che ripropone il brit rock anni 90 in una chiave di lettura tutta nuova.
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Genere • BritPop, Indie, Rock

→ I #TheseDays started writing and playing music in 2007, when we were all schoolmates. What we do is trying to merge beautiful melodies with impressive soundscapes, giving the whole thing a nice groove.
Sometimes we also succeed.
TheseDays are:
Ennio, the architect of our rhythm on his drum set. Also a real architect.
Davide, the man who would play guitar in his sleep. Oh if he only could...
Federico, an aerospace engineer, a must have keyboard player. His sound is stellar.
Michele, an economist dealing with a bass. Founder of the band, not for profit.
And then there is Mirko. Well Mirko is a singer, full stop.

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16/05/2015 - 17/05/2015

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