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Savoir Faire


In long 2010, after an “exciting” experience of precarious musicians forced to play in bands of fortune and often
incapable, Antonio Pastore (keyboards) & Marcello Smania (guitar) meet again to create a new band,
whose sound could easily transform in a ‘trademark’. After many ‘glitches’, swindles by other
musicians & rows, thanks to the advise of a friend, Marcello Brentarolli (Destiny’s Lyrics), Antonio &
Marcello run across a sly figure with golden hands (WTF have you understood! I told about bass guitar)
with the same strange influences for a guy of his age with which Antonio (before metalhead time)
grew up. Francesco Varesano is in the band! The one who was missing was a drummer, a man that could
play with rhythms, having of course fantasy & agility: Marcello intercepts the young boy Alessandro
Melegaro, that immediately reveals a ‘green thumb’ of drums. Thanks to Alessandro, another Francesco
adds, the man who (thanks to Vodafone) in this demo couldn’t show his polystrumentist’s abilities:
Francesco "Puch" plays apart from percussions flute, mouth organ too etc.... a polystrumentist with
capital P. Finally Marcello retrieves as singer the old friend Lorenzo Valente, the pride of new blues
generation! Here starts the adventure of the band of poor boys that find redemption with their jazz!
Now the band is searching for live gigs and promotion and wish you have a good listening of his songs! Many surprises soon!
"Puch" had to leave the band for personal questions, we wish him all the good things he can get from life!
band, that throw up same old funky!


Verona Province of Verona, Italy Verona (VR)


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