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Rock n' Roll PusherS


Rock n' Roll PusherS is a band coming from the North part of Italy. The band fuses the typical sounds of Rock n' Roll and Hard Rock with Punk and Pop music, creating in this way an original, aggressive and melodic new way of playing Rock n' Roll.The band is a power trio, made up by Marco Antolini ( voice and lead guitar) Demis Zuani ( bass and background vocals) and IsaccoDalle Pezze ( drums and background vocals). In the 2007 band pubblished a self producted album called "The Sex n' Roll Zone" which obtained a large consense among press and audiance.The band started to promote the album across Italy and in Germany during all 2007-2008.Rock n' Roll PusherS toured four times in Germany in different pubs, music halls snd open air festivals.During one of those tours they recorded a live dvd that brought to the issue of " Live @ Hundertmeister" in the may of 2008.During the 2009 Rock n' Roll PusherS played in Italy and they started to wark on new songs.On January 2010 the band presented a new single " wake up" and on November the 20th they are going to present the second new single called "I can't dance" .Both of these two singles are parts of the new record called "Soul's TattooS" that is going to issue for the 2011


Via Europa, 1, 37024 Negrar Province of Verona, Italy Negrar (VR)