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My name is Silvia Griggio – artist name Moran Dix –, I am 33, and I am very passionate about music.




The project Moran dix, in which I figure as a solo singer, began a few years ago, and went through a few difficulties. Yet at every moral, collaborative, and financial obstacle, I was able to come out with all the perseverance that I used to have and I still have.




Surely a few of these obstacles are still present to date, yet the trust that I nurture for my dreams, as well as the trust that I strongly feel for myself is still the essential message that I always keep in mind.




My first song, which I authored, is “Demon Divine”, and it contains everything that represents me. What I ask for is an opportunity to be listened to and supported, in short: to have a chance.




I am not afraid to work hard, nor to take risks. What I am looking for is the freedom to express myself.


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