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March Division


March Division is a rock band founded in late 2010, with its spiritual home set in the North-center of UK. The founders Andy Vitali (Vocals, guitars, synth) Emanuele Platania (Drum and percussions)and Andrea Gobbi (Bass, synth) have shared years of experience with The Mirrors. After playing a bit everywhere in Italy, having reached the dream of playing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and after recording several self produced records they decide to take a new path to keep on breathing the fresh breeze of the morning and watching the clear blue skies. The band's sound is faithful to the Brit rock tradition, adding influences of psychedelia, electronic and folk. They define themselves international because animated by the desire to overcome the geographical and social boundaries of a single nation, traveling through time and speaking to the citizens of the world. The band is currently working on new stuff and a new album called "Radio daydream" will be available in early 2011.


Milan, Italy Milano (MI)

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