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HOT Hands Of Time is an alternative Rock italian Band that debuted on the international music business in 2009, year of its foundation, with the release of its first lp by the german label STF Records (
The album has been distributed in Europe and Australia, with good results. During the last twelve months, the band got through a radical change in its music style, after the fortunate meeting with one of the most important music producer in the whole Rock n Roll panorama, Mr. Roy Thomas Baker, (ex Queen, Guns n Roses, Ozzy, Bowie, Alice Cooper, Smashing Pumpkins and many others), who showed keen and great interest in the Band’s new songs. But the real breakthrough arrives when hot decided to work with Andrea Mescolini (Bonsai Studio Produzioni,
actual artistic Director of the project.
From a classic, genuine Hard Rock that marked the band since the beginning of its career, H.O.T. moved its stylistic approach to a sound closer to Indie and alternative Rock, melting, with great results, dance music, electro pop and Rock’n'Roll itself. The product presented is, no doubt, a true new proposal on the world’s music market, due to the freshness and “genuineness” which characterize it, dedicated to every kind of listener.
In fact, the band writes in english and bases its business policies following the international music market mainstream.
Enjoy it! #timetothink


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