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Earthist was formed in 2012 in Parma, Italy.Their sound evolved from britpop into a modern and powerful Alternative-Rock.In April 2013 Earthist released “Now. Here. Or Nowhere.”, an EP featuring the first 8 original songs, and got the opportunity to play at important festivals alongside Italian and foreign rising bands such as Lo Stato Sociale, Two Fingerz, Power Francers.Their songs have been part of several independent movies: “Dreaming Alaska” (ITA, 2013), a feature film that was critically acclaimed in many independent festivals and distributed in the US, “Thicker Than Water” (AUS, 2015) and “Rollercoaster Love” (ITA, 2016).The good reviews on local radios and webzines led Earthist to the attention of Carlo Bellotti, A&R of Epictronic, who decided to sign them for the release of their very first album.Earthist’s debut album “Lightward” has been released worldwide viaEpictronic/Warner-Chappell/Plastic Head Distribution LTD on March 30th 2015 and in Japan via Epictronic Japan/Tower Records on June 18th 2015. The album includes the singles “Sealence (In My Eyes)” and “Not Today”, whose official videos are distributed via Vevo/The Orchard.In Summer 2016 Earthist won several competitions such as WMF Rock Contest x Virgin Radio (Rimini), Sound Of City Festival (Vigevano), Mandela Day Music Happening (Reggio Emilia), Miscela Rock Festival (Ivrea) and performed at Taubertal Open Air Festival 2016 (Rothenburg ob der Tauber) as winners of Emergenza Festival Italy (Alcatraz, Milano). They have been featured by MTV New Generation as “Just Discoverd Artist”.


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