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Deep Black Sees


Deep Black Sees are an Italian progressive rock band, hailing from the hilly heart of Sicily.
Their furious venture started in 2003 at the early age of 13 years old, with a good helping of music in their cradle and rock in their blood. The lineup has never changed and remains the same today. This rock hotchpotch developed and took the shape of “Hypocrisy” (2008),their first EP self-produced and printed in a limited edition which sold out immediately.
In 2009 they were contacted by one of the most influential American independent record companies, 272 Records (Hollywood), with which the band signed for their first single,Hypocrisy, in the Kill City Vol.18 metal compilation.
After months of composition and touring, the idea of recording the band's first ever official album began to be more than real when well known Grammy nominated American record producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, R.E.M, Johnny Cash, System of A Down) hooked up with the band and decided to produce the record. In October 2010 the band then travelled to California’s RadioStar Studios.
A month of intense arranging and recording led to the actual album Inside Outside, mastered at Kitchen Mastering (Carrboro, NC).
While recording, the Deep Black Sees performed several shows around California, with amazing feedback from the audience.
Since February 2011 they have been officially signed by the experienced UK label Rising Records which will release their new album Inside Outside, out on the 27th of June and available worldwide (Plastichead/Cargo/Audioglobe).
Stay tuned for more details, news and dates of their first official European tour to be announced!


Palermo, Italy Palermo (PA)


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