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The gothic dark Barafoetida is a musical group born in 2012 in the province of Rovigo (Italy), composed by Luke Warner, Denny Z and Triplax Vermifrux.

Barafoetida was born from an idea of Triplax Vermifrux, Denny Z and Luke Warner as a group of electronic music with gothic-dark influences.

In 2016 they make their first official album called Necronomicon (dark ambient), followed in 2017 by the demo album "A Coffinful of Secrets".

In February 2018 the band releases Buio Scarlatto.The album is the soundtrack of Fabrizio Spurio's horror film CRIPTE. The Barafoetida have attempted a fusion between electronic music, modern industrial and the vintage sounds of progressive rock and music typical of Italian genre films, released in the 70s.

BARAFOETIDA come back with their new EP. '' HERE COMES THE RAVEN'' containing four new songs plus bonus tracks.
They pursued their sound research by scanning the whole gothic-dark world, fusing it with industrial-style electronics and a touch of psychedelia (TANTRIKA), the 80's synth pop (CHEMTRAILS AND HAARP), the dark melodic (HONEST) and the title track that sums up all the new trends of the band.



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