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Indirizzo via Garibaldi, Igea Marina, Rn
Url http://www.rudyscave.com/
Telefono +393332924876
Cachet minimo 500 €


Rudyscave is a new italian rock band. Love and passion for music are roots that underlie our project. The band's musical kind revolves around a rock/grunge base with several contaminations. Rust is our first observation. Recorded at Filter Studio throughout 2013 and 2014, this album was conceived with an unusual, old/style mood. We took all the time that was necessary to re-arrange, record and listen our ideas, trying to find a comfortable space to evolve our sound. This approach lead trough a musical journey that allowed us to change perspective, letting our unconscious intuitions spread trough the composition. 60s-70s Psychedelic Rock and Grunge/Hard Rock are the foundations of this album, even if the sound mixture contains many more different musical elements.
Rudyscave è un progetto che nasce dalla passione per l'espressione musicale in tutte le sue forme. Il nostro genere si coagula attorno ad una base rock/grunge con venature e contaminazioni tra le più disparate. Il nostro primo disco, Rust, è il risultato di un intensa ricerca sonora e tematica. I brani che danno vita a questa nostra prima osservazione musicale sono interamente autoprodotti.

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